Our Vision

Indigo Earths Bums is a solution to a greater problem through passion. Our goal is give people a hassle free choice to living a greener life that wont affect their budget. What you would spend on disposables is what you spend on our service and the bonus is YOU ARE SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT AT THE SAME TIME. 

Born out of a passion to make change. I realise not everyone shares my passion for environmental awareness and so I wanted to find a way that people wouldn’t have to adjust to much but collectively make a huge impact. My end goal to have hot spots that employ local women to provide the same cloth nappy service in the most remote areas. Not only improving the environment but also the welfare of families who seek employment

How It Works

Bi-weekly Monday Thursday collection of Nappies

Please note that your stash of nappies (I.E the bundle of nappies that you choose, will remain yours and only yours the entire duration of your subscription, we do not cross wash, cross contaminated, cross breed or cross stitch any stashes. Your stash is washed all on its on, Cloth nappies that play together stay together.

different price options for our monthly subscriptions

Option 1

BYO – Buy your own cloth nappies – because lets be honest this in itself becomes an obsession and they are so damn cute – you may want to uphold the owl theme or harry potter – we will care for them as if they were our own and when you are done with the bum we will return them to you fresher than ever.


Option 2

As good as new – the whole purpose of the cloth nappy is to reuse  them. Choose from our range of as good as new but not brand new nappies. We do quality assurance checks to make sure that the elastics aren’t stretched, there are no frays, tears, stinks or stains the cloth is absorbing well, the patterns are still bright and fresh.


Option 3

VIB – Subscribe to our service with a new batch of nappies which you can select from our range – As a first time cloth bum family and user you may feel that new is only right – when you have baby number two we look forward to welcoming you to option 2.

(Please note that these nappies will remain our nappies after your term with us and if you wish to continue with baby two you may opt to have your same stash at a reduced price.